Press and PR

OK. So you think that you might have a story to tell about your organisation or a message to put across to a wider audience and you need professional advice on press and public relations.

Contact Kevin Palmer Media Services who can help you spread the word across a wide variety of media in Derby, Derbyshire and further afield. This will give vital exposure to enhance your reputation, boost your profile, and hopefully bring more business.

Kevin Palmer Media Services has the skills and experience built up over years to write crisp copy and present a news release that can be used in weekly, regional, or national newspapers, magazines, trade press, on-line publications, or even radio and television.

With our experience, we know what the media want – how a news release should be written (sometimes in more than one format), how it should be presented, and where and to whom it should be sent.

As well as working for you we work with you, so you get a personal, customised service. We don’t just send out releases in a scattergun approach and hope for the best. From the beginning we discuss with you the most suitable places to target your message. We have contacts across the media (or can obtain them) – and we often discuss how the release can be used with our fellow professionals in that targeted media.

Sometimes photographs or graphics can complement the release. We have associates to assist with this if needed for an extra charge.

A well-written and well-placed news release can cost less than an advert yet be many times more effective because of the number of people who have read the resulting article.

Kevin Palmer Media Services charges for the work done and that is all. There is no paying a large, inflated fee for services that you neither need nor want. There are no major overheads unlike agencies operating from large premises, so this is reflected in the charges.

Unless there is a specific contract or agreement, this is usually at an hourly rate for interviewing, research, writing, checking and issuing to the target media and works out less than people think. Usually there are minimal expenses added.

There are no hidden extras - just a minimum price for maximum exposure.


All photographs (other than on the Kevin Palmer Media Services Testimonials Page) are by AE Media and Matthew Jones Photography.   

Kevin Palmer discusses options with a potential client.

Kevin Palmer discusses options with a potential client.